Uniquely fabulous with a keen sense of adventure, strong family ties, an incredible group of friends and a knack for looking effortlessly fashionable, you definitely are not a slave to trendy seasonal styles. You are confident being yourself. 

In a world of mass-produced clothing and "everybody is wearing it jewelry," how do you stand out? Your jewelry is the one of the best expressions of yourself.  It unifies your wardrobe and lets your personality and individuality shine.

Does it make you inwardly smile and outwardly beam? Does it make you feel confidently alive, ready to take on the world because you're absolutely certain it reflects the woman you are?

I believe you have a subtle power of intuitive authentic connection that you may not even realize. In much the same way you sensed an immediate kinship with your best friend the moment you first met, you can feel the same intuitive bond to jewelry. That is key in determining your Signature style.

A Change in Career Path

A serious car accident on an icy country road led me from a challenging career in law enforcement to designing jewelry. It literally and emotionally turned my world upside down. Chronic pain, insomnia and depression became constant reminders that I would not be able to return to a career I loved. However, with the help of an amazing team of doctors and a chronic pain patient support group, I recognized that it freed me to pursue a radically new exciting career path. The same intuition I relied on in law enforcement guided me to realizing that designing jewelry would bring me healing and happiness. I was on the mend.

How My Jewelry Obsession Began

My own obsession was sparked when my father gave me a tiny diamond ring for my tenth birthday. You would have thought he had given me the Hope Diamond--I was so mesmerized by it. Much to the chagrin of my teacher, I loved to use the diamond to catch the sunlight and create showers of tiny rainbows all around the room.

My passion for jewelry continued as I grew up. I pored over the latest Vogue magazines drooling over big opulent strands of baroque pearls and shimmering gemstones in the necklaces and bracelets that graced the models.

The dreams of jewelry had to wait. Female officers could hardly work looking the least bit "glam" or "girly". Still the job taught me focus, discipline and determination all wonderful traits to have in my recent career.

Although I decided I would specialize in pearls, first I had to learn to knot them! I took a class at a local Toronto bead store where I was definitely the slowest to complete hand-knotting a simple sixteen inch choker. Still I persevered in the quest to be more efficient. A trip to China in 2009 led me to the Beijing Pearl Market where I watched young girls deftly knotting a strand in a matter of minutes. Their technique was quite different from mine. I ended up adapting both methods to create my own that I now use on every knotted design I create. To further my skills, I took classes at George Brown College in Toronto in wirework, chainmaille and business.

How My Company Came to Be

My company name came to mind when I recalled conversations with close friends feeling exhausted and "strung out" by life's competing responsibilities--family, career, social commitments, children's extracurricular activities, carpool duties and the needs of aging parents.

I chose the name STRUNG OUT ON PEARLS. I like to envision my design knots symbolizing your being confident and resilient to successfully join together all aspects of your life into a fun, harmonious and memorable union, despite the occasional feeling of being "strung out".

So, emerging from a world where deception and subterfuge played major roles, I value authenticity and integrity. I apply my intuition to the design process. I draw inspiration from nature as well as from my travels. Of course, the lustre, shapes of the freshwater pearls and the healing properties of the semiprecious gemstones I personally select all lead to the final designs that emerge from my studio. I love working at home because Tyler, my little Yorkshire Terrier and the SOOP Muse, is always close by. In fact, he was the inspiration of the Unconditional Love Pet Charm that you can find in the Little Treasures Collection.

Your Intuitive Power

Now let's get back to YOUR intuitive connection...jewelry attracts beyond the design's aesthetics, connecting personally because you appreciate it through your life experiences and celebrations. It tells your unique story.

The big white baroque pearls I knotted with equally large facetted red Garnets into a stunning necklace captivated a mother because it combined her June birthstone with that of her first son, a January baby.

A twisted double strand necklace with assorted gray Labradorite, yellow Chinese Turquoise and silver gray accent pearls called out to a woman who stated, " It pulled me to it, giving me calmness and serenity." 

A bride-to-be commissioned me to design her a bracelet. She was delighted with the creamy round white pearls, pale silver pearls and deeper dove gray ones I selected to be knotted into a simple circle. She claiming that they perfectly suggested the richness, depth and intimacy befitting her wedding day.

I want you to feel that spark of recognition when you meet my jewelry for the first time. I want you to experience the excitement of discovering a design that resonates with your authenticity.

I would love to connect with you.

Thank you.

Your personal Jewelry Stylist and Strategist,

Veronica Lee