Best Sellers

One of the most popular necklaces is our one-of-a-kind hand strung securely knotted freshwater pearls in bright assorted colours and shapes. You can wear this necklace with casual sweater and jeans on a weekend hanging out with friends. Wear it casually doubled-up under a "work" shirt to the office when you want that pop of colour to brighten your professional outfit.

27"  and 31" Best Seller Pearl Necklaces sell out fast, but more lengths will be coming back in stock in time for Black Friday and Holiday gifting.

   If you're not "into pearls" but love the look of longer versatile necklaces that you can wear in the same ways, here is an image of this 36" Semiprecious Bead Best Seller.

Custom longer lengths are available in both styles upon request.
Please use the Get In Touch Form to specify your preferred pearl or semiprecious design, specific colours and desired length.
I'm ALWAYS happy to create a custom order for you.





 BTW, Our ever-popular jewelry polishing cloths are also available in two sizes to keep your clasps, chains and ear wires perfectly gleaming.

Mini size: 3"x3"

Medium size: 6-1/2" x 6-1/2"