More about the HONOUR Collection

This Special Collection centres around an important symbol in Asian culture, the Koi fish, representing not only courage, family strength and good fortune but also growth, transformation and triumph over adversity.

Mothers in many past generations are the embodiment of these characteristics.

My own was such a woman. She may not have understood the decisions and choices my brothers and I took in our lives, but she always gave unwavering love and encouragement in the paths we followed.

When she passed away in July 2018 at the advance age of 96 after a full remarkable life, she left us grieving.

Like many women of her generation who grew up in the 1930's economic depression, lived through the Second World War, married in the 1950's, raised children, experience the advent of Rock and Roll, the phenomena of the Beatles, Disco, Rap, Grunge as well as the incredible technological advances, she and her contemporaries faced their changing world with remarkable grace, courage, curiosity and wonder.

May the Honour (Koi) Collection designs remind you to celebrate such women with love and gratitude. Rejoice that you were given your precious Mom because she shared with you her best aspirations to help you become the woman you were destined to be.

It is not the career paths we choose or the financial successes we achieve that are ultimately important. It's how we choose to incorporate our core values into all that we do in our day-to-day living.

Thus, I give you the HONOUR Collection to celebrate your mom and mine.

That's the true legacy of Family.