Hand-knotted 8 1/2
Hand-knotted 8 1/2
Hand-knotted 8 1/2
Hand-knotted 8 1/2

Inky Black Pearlized Peacock Agate 8 1/2" Hand-knotted Bracelet


It's a hand-knotted bracelet to add to your jewelry now. The pop of sparkle in the inky black pearlized agates will make you drool.

  • One-of-a-kind.
  • 8-1/2" long—comfortable sizing for a larger-boned woman.
  • Gorgeous round inky black pearlized agates about 3/8 inches in diameter show off their pink, green, purple iridescence colour as showy as a peacock and that's how they got the name.
  • Skilfully hand-knotted with strong grey polyester thread to ensure stability, perfect draping on your wrist and light washability.
  • The knotting will stop the beads from scattering loosely on the ground should you have the misfortune of accidentally breaking it.
  • Peacock agate beads are accented between sparkling faceted pale iridescent crystals that complement their colour.
  • Crystals have iridescent shades of pink, taupe and green too.
  • Sterling Silver Lobster clasp adds confidence in its secure fastening.
  • Loose fit to hang comfortably just below the junction of your wrist and hand.
  • Tissue-wrapped in its own jewelry pouch for easy gifting and storage.


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