Collection: HONOUR

Dedicated to treasured Mothers who loved us unwaveringly, leaving us an unsurpassed legacy of the precious memories of Family.   

The gold pearls, orange/black agates, mottled purple/green agates were all carefully selected for what they represent.

The gold pearls symbolize the love you shared and your wish to celebrate and honour it. 

The orange/black agates are the colour of the KOI fish that in Asian culture represents  good fortune, longevity, abundance, courage and strength. It also represents perseverance and triumph over adversity.

The blue/black agates are the waters where the Koi thrive—they represent the world made richer for the mutual relationship shared.

Lastly, the purple/green mottled agates represent the flowering Lotus , for rebirth, purity and strength. 

Together they harmoniously join in the Collection designs to bring you continued good fortune, abundance, courage and strength.